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(7/21/2019) The Divided Kingdom

(7/7/2019) The Lamp

(6/16/2019) The Warrior King

(6/23/2019) The Sufferer

(6/2/2019) Day of the Lord

(5/12/2019) God's Love For His People

(5/26/2019) Prayer - The Root of our Faith

(5/19/2019) Where Is My Honor

(6/9/2019) The Slayer

(6/30/2019) David's Son and LORD

(5/5/2019) The Return

(4/14/2019) The Crucifixion

(4/28/2019) The Ascension

(3/31/2019) The Triumphal Entrance

(3/17/2019) The Temptation

(4/7/2019) The Last Supper

(3/24/2019) The Transfiguration

Apologetics in an unapologetic world

Embrasing the Entire Word of God

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Sinlessness of Jesus

The Boldness of Ezekiel

Deity of Jesus Christ

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